What is loan payday all about?
Loan payday is an Australia based loan website which works for the financial welfare of salaried Australians by providing them useful loan deals in the hour of need. All Australians should make the most out of this loan deal, especially if they stuck in mid month cash crisis.

What are the services offered at loan payday?
With us at loan payday, you can get the benefits of a loan deal called short term loans. As the name suggests, you can get this loan for short duration, but you can easily use it to resolve all your urgent expenditures hassle freely.

Do i need to pledge my assets?
No. With us at loan payday, you can get short term loans without any collateral pledging issues. It doesn’t matter if you are a tenant or a non homeowner, you can apply with an ease.

On what basis will i get the loan?
Though there is no collateral pledging required, but you can fetch the loan on the basis of your loan repayment ability, fiscal need and stable income.

How much amount can be obtained?
You can get a maximum amount of AUD 1000 and a minimum sum of AUD 100.

What are the qualifying measures?
To get approved with us at Loan Payday, you should be a salaried Australian, your age should be above 18 and you should hold a checking bank account that accepts direct deposit.

Can bad credit holders apply?
Yes. We at loan payday give equal chance to all type of borrowers including those who are facing the hassles like bankruptcy, bank arrears, late payments, insolvency and skipped payments etc.

How can i apply?
To make an easy application with us, you just need to visit our website and fill the application form posted there. Once we receive your online application, we will reply you with the details you require in shortest time span.

Can i withdraw my application?

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